Foreign Languages

Head of the department:

Gazieva Vasilaxon Xakimovna

Reception: Monday – Friday ( 14:00 – 16:00)
Phone: (0 371) 238-64-67

The department was established in 1955. The department taught English, German, French and Russian. In 1980 the department of the Russian language separated from the department. In 1990-1991, Assoc. O.E. Kostromina, in 1991-1997 years. Assoc. Yu.A. Inogamova, in the years 1997-1999. Assoc. F.K. Fazulina headed the department. Senior teacher G.N. Suleimanova from 1999 to 2013 was acting head. department, and later - the head of the department. From 2013 to the present time the head of the department is the senior teacher V.Kh. Gaziev. The department conducts practical classes in English, German and French languages in the areas of Bachelor's and Master's courses in full-time and special correspondence departments.

There are 44 employees at the department, of which 1 - assistant professor, 16 - senior teachers and 27 - assistant teachers. Since 1991, more than 100 educational and methodical manuals have been published.

Teachers of the department participate as consultants and translators on the protection of graduate and graduate work of bachelors and undergraduates of our university.
order to increase interest in teaching foreign languages at the Foreign Languages Department of TUIT, circles on foreign languages were organized. In particular, 7 groups in English and one group in German and French - Study English (led by N. Kh. Khuzhakulov), Direct English (head S. Abdiev), Smart English GS Saydalieva), "Study English" (headed by Abduvakhabov D.) "Sprichdeutsch" (leader N. Nishanov), "Parlez-vous francais" (supervised by N.Sh. Nasyrov). The main task of the circle classes is to develop the skills of oral speech.

Teachers of the department constantly participate in seminars and conferences organized by the Association of Teachers of English at the Republican Center of Languages.

Our teachers of German and French maintain a constant connection with the German and French cultural centers.

Today the department carries out a number of activities to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further improve the system of teaching foreign languages" on December 10, 2012.

Senior teacher of the department in August 2017 Kadirbekova Durdona received a Ph.D. in Philology. In August 2017 the assistant of the department Sabirova Gulnoza received the degree of Doctor of Philology of Pedagogical Sciences.

Senior teachers Zohidova Guzal (2014), Ibragimova Nair (2016), Sharipova Aziza (2017) became the best teachers of the year. Teachers M.T. Shahakimova, ON Maksudova and MA Nazarova participated in the seminar, organized with the support of the US Embassy "Material Design".

Teachers of the department V.Kh. Gazieva, G.N. Suleymanova and D.Kh. Kadyrbekova participated in the project "Development of electronic textbooks", organized by the State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with work on creating an electronic textbook "ICT related English".

Every year, a scientific and practical conference is held among students of TUIT and its branches under the name "Intelletual generation of Uzbekistan".

Over the past three years, senior teachers F.B. Saidova, A.A. Sharipova, Suleimanova GN, Shakhakimova MT, Nazarova MA, Maksudova ON, Zakhidova GE, Abduvakhabova DA and the assistant GS Saydalieva. published a number of teaching aids.

A stock of subjects of the department

Bakalavriat, Magistratura:

  • Ingliz tili
  • Fransuz tili
  • Nemis tili

Teachers’ stuff

  • Gaziyeva V.X. - Kafedra mudiri
  • Suleymanova G.N. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Nasirova N.Sh. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Shoxakimova M.T. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • SafarovaF.I. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Abduraxmonova M.S. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Saidova F.B. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Sharipova A.A. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Nazarova M.A. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • ZoxidovaG.E. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Kadirbekova D.X. - Dotsent
  • Maxsudova O.N. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Mavlonova M.D. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Xodjakulova N.X. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Abduvaxobova D. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Ibragimova N.A. - Kat.o‘qituvchi
  • Sabirova G.S. - Katta o‘qituvchi
  • Sultanova X.J. - Assistent
  • Tursunboyeva L.T. - Assistent
  • Yusupova M.S. - Assistent
  • Atashikova N.A. - Assistent
  • Nigmatova X.A. - Assistent
  • Sayidaliyeva G.S. - Assistent
  • Musayeva F.M. - Assistent
  • Kadirova F.X. - Assistent
  • JurayevaS.Q. - Assistent
  • Karimova D.A. - Assistent
  • Kasimova M. - Assistent
  • Ibragimova Sh.T. - Assistent
  • Alikulova D.M. - Assistent
  • Sayfutdinova M.A. - Assistent
  • Barnoyeva N.Yo. - Assistent
  • Shukurova Z.F. - Assistent
  • Abdurazzakova S.A. - Assistent
  • Rajabova D.A. - Assistent
  • Abdiyeva S. - Assistent
  • Raxmanova D. - Assistent
  • Sagdullayeva L.X. - Assistent
  • Kurbanova M.E. - Assistent
  • Saydaliyeva G.A. - Assistent
  • Muxitdinova M.R. - Assistent
  • Muksimova N. - Assistent
  • Nishanova N. - Assistent
  • Alimuxamedova X. - Assistent
  • Salaxova E.Z - Katta o‘qituvchi
  • Razikova D - Assistent

    Scientific researches of the department

    • Ish nomi: «Обучение студентов лексической полисемии при чтении текстов на английском языке»
      Bajaruvchi: Nazarova Madina Ataxanovna
      Muddati: 2017 yil dekabr
    • Ish nomi: «Теория и практика управления качеством образования в высших учебных заведениях»
      Bajaruvchi: Saidova Feruza Baxtiyorovna
      Muddati: 2016 yil dekabr
    • Ish nomi: «Стилистик синонимларни таржима килишнинг лингво-культурологик хусусиятлари»
      Bajaruvchi: Sharipova Aziza Abdumannopovna
      Muddati: 2016 yil dekabr